Dazzling Melody Chidiebere Gabriel Talks To SRTV


Melody Chidiebere Gabriel, is originally from Delta- State talks to SRTV about her career as an actor and a musician


SRTV. Tell us about how this acting career started?

An actor is an actor, creative, ready to move at every point, someone that is dramatic and always ready to deliver a role excellently.  For me it was inbuilt. Acting has always been my thing.  I love acting and singing. If I am not doing this, I would be a Doctor.

SRTV.  Walk us through your acting career till date?

I have been unique, it’s been challenging, interesting and fun at the same time. Doing what you love doing is amazing!

The drive and the strong desire to make changes make it worthwhile!

SRTV. Sex sell and very appealing… Would you do nude in a movie or have you done it?-

I am good-looking, Yes, but my success is not solely because of my looks. I work hard and I believe in the grace of God.  I haven’t and I don’t intend to play nude in a movie. I am looking to play interesting and challenging roles with positive impact…



SRTV.  Tell us about the Nigeria film industry?

We need Finance for good productions. The total package, from the production to the directing to the cast…  but we are bracing up gradually.. Success is a process it’s not magic…  We need to improve in all of these. No one should be left out.. No stone should be left unturned.


SRTV.  What have been your personal challenges and how are you dealing with these challenges?

Every carrier part is challenging not just being an actor, So I try to balance because balancing is Key it helps me achieve more… I always advise people to stay focus, hard work counts and God is always number one. Pray…

SRTV. What do you want to be remembered for?

My favourite colour is Gold and I always try to be a positive personality; the energy I bring, the delivery and the impact are what I want to be remembered for


SRTV. What do you do at your spare time your hobbies?

I try to rest, do music, workout more often, go out to the movies..  I support Arsenal Football Club and my favourite food is Salad.


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