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SRTV Music is designed to serve as a revolutionary prism where all forms of casting needs can be focus and refracted to meet the needs of Music and Casting Directors

Simon Brian

Simon is a professional artist, actor, with experience in a variety of roles! His main …Read more>>

Nora Tochukwu

Nora is a dynamic and fashionable Highlife singer these she combine very well on her music..Read more>>


Favour Ogbeche

Favour  is a dynamic and fashionable gospel singer these she combine very well on …Read more>>

Princess Kanu

Growing up, though the innate ability to sing was in her, she never wanted to pursue a career in music so she studied Network Engineering. After spending her early years outside…Read move>>

Peace.E. Hakuri

Peace is a London based Nigerian fast growing actress, model and a dancer. originally from Anambra State, She is a professional Actress and Model. Very interest in..Read more>>

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