The Man Behind The Show.

Christian Ashaiku

Christian Ashaiku

Not contented with producing films, Christian prides himself with outstanding achievements by taking on challenging projects. He is a passionate exhibitor, having contributed to the development of exhibition possibilities of world cinema through festival programming. In 2000, he organised the first ever Black Film Festival in Slovenia. Other programming work over the last decade includes Mama Africa in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI) and film festival in London, Berlin and Vienna.
In 2011 Christian wrote, produced and directed ‘Amina’ a psychological drama which premiered at the prestigious Empire Leicester Square. It won the best film at the AfroHollywood Award 2012 and is currently used by Council and NHS for raising awareness on Mental Health, Teenage pregnancy and other issues addressed in the film.
About The Show

TNP is an initiative of a group of likeminded persons working with Individuals, Groups, Universities, Media Houses, Governments and NGOs to create awareness of democratic values through dialoguing with the youth.
The Show is produced by KRISASH & Co Ltd
‘’The Next President (TNP)” is a Reality TV Show centered on how young talented people aged 18-30 play a part in leadership. It is a TV Reality series embodied in an intellectual cognitive competition where young Nigerians intellectually battle on a series of issues of importance relating to the needs of citizens, in their quest to be voted as.the ‘’The Next Governor TNG and eventually ’The Next President (TNP)”.
We believe Youth participation in politics through this medium will have a huge impact in the future, thus grooming them as future leaders. We know the show will enhance their leadership skills, sense of responsibility and patriotic spirit. It unambiguously showcases how young Nigerians run for public offices, conduct themselves as public office holders, as well as proffering solutions to problems plaguing the society at large. This will provide a great opportunity for young people from all corners of the country to participate in Nation building. Our vision is “to discover and nurture young intelligent, disciplined, focused and responsible great leaders of tomorrow, who will contribute immensely to National growth and development”
Our mission is:.
“To unveil the thoughts and aspirations of youths on all aspect of politics slated for broadcast via an exciting, skill developing, educating and entertaining reality TV program”
‘’The show will be a live broadcast, shown on Saturdays (60 minutes) and Sundays (45 minutes). It will hit the airwaves every year and each season shall consist of 104 shows.
The Next President Reality Show consist mainly two parts namely:
1, The Next Governor, and
2, The Next President.
This is the first segment of the show conducted in partnership with Universities (Lecturers, Student’s Union) Local and State Governments, showcasing young Nigerians across the 36 States of the federation as they run for the offices of Governors. The Next Governor segment will be a live broadcast shown on Saturdays (60 minutes) and Sundays (45 minutes). Each season shall consist of 104 shows. 36 Governors will emerge from the 36 States of the Federation. The Next Governor Delta officially starts on the 1st of June 2016.
This is the Grand finale of the show where the 36 Governors from the 36 States of the Federation compete for the office of the President of Nigeria. The Next President Grand finale will also be a live broadcast shown on Saturdays (60 minutes) and Sundays (45 minutes). Each season shall consist of 104 shows.
Our long term plan is to build a reputable TV Reality company known for exploring good leadership worldwide through youth participation. We shall immediately move on to launch the “Youth Parliament” upon the success of The Next President and these shows will be exported to other countries.
Our services are geared for several markets, including various levels of Governments, Televisions, NGOs, Young people, Elites, Advertisers and an Audience with interests politic and Nation building.
We will provide a comprehensive set of valued added consumer services that will be specifically catered to our audience, participants and partners/sponsors:
We will be seeking Government funding, Sponsorship and Product placement from big companies, Grants from Foundations and Institutions and generate income from phone-in, sales of broadcast right and Merchandize to deliver our programme.
Our sustainability plans includes building revenues from a number of different commercial streams:

On My Return is a comedy/Drama feature length film already shot primarily to promote the show. It is the tale of a UK based Nigerian (played by Joseph Benjamin, Nigeria) who returns home to launch a TV Reality show (The Next President). He meets and falls in love with a marketing executive (played by Joselyn Dumas, Ghana). This romantic comedy touches upon the South and North divides in Nigerian as we navigate the journey of ambitious lovers in their quest to make a change.

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