About us

SRTV is an online broadcasting station that develops and produces original content to a global audience.
The core of SRTV’s business is to produce TV and Radio shows for mainstream broadcast with exciting content that appeals to a wide commercial market. In this way, SRTV is moving beyond its core expertise in filmmaking to include programmes on local and international news and an eclectic mix of music, films entertainment and information shows that can be enjoyed by the whole family

Our goals it to:
Be a respected TV enterprise that educates, informs and entertains global audiences through its innovative and compelling programming

Inspire audiences; make a difference to people’s lives and help build communities

Provide a diversity of advertisers and clients with outstanding services, cost effective reach and frequency.

Be a leading online destination for audiences that are interested in Caribbean and African news, films, music, culture and much more…

All content for our shows are produced within one dedicated and professional environment with the same flair and commitment to excellence that we bring to all our output whether studio based, documentaries and live broadcast.

SRTV is run by highly skilled and experienced professionals among who are:

Christian Ashaiku
(CEO/Managing Director)

Chief William Makinde

Wil Johnson

Ken Muray.

Don 1
(Tropical FM)

Olaronke Apampa

Mission Statement
Our mission is to produce credible, edifying balanced and satisfying news whilst building Superior TV station and studios worldwide, with specific focus on the African continent.

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