The Amiable Aneke Twins Honoured

The Aneke Twins (Joy and Peace Aneke) were among those honoured in the 2020 SRTV Talent Awards. Their classic movie “Back to Basics” was also among the films screened at the just concluded SRTV Moonlight film festival, an integral part of SRTV Talent EXPO 2020, which took place at the prestigious Festival Hotel from 4th-5th of December, in Festac Town, Lagos Nigeria



Dr Mike Igwebuike Celebrated as a Renowned Filmmaker

Dr Mike Igwebuike, a New York based Nigerian writer and producer was among those recognized and celebrated as a renowned filmmaker in the 2020 edition of SRTV Talent Awards which took place in Lagos, Nigeria on the 6th of December 2020.

Dr Mike who is a strong advocate for women rights and those with disabilities called on Nigerians to be more receptive to the diasporians as we all have a role to play in moving Nigeria to the next level








Dr Godwin Maduka Hosts SRTV Talent EXPO 2020

Dr Godwin Maduka, a Governorship aspirant for the top seat in Anambra State Hosts SRTV Talent EXPO 2020 in an Grandstyle

The event took place in Lagos on the 6th of December 2020. In his speech he used himself as an example of a Youth empowered.


SRTV Production is set to Kick-start the maiden edition of SRTV Talent EXPO in Nigeria from the 4th to the 6th of December 2020 at HONEYLAND RESORT, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria
SRTV Talent EXPO is an initiative of SRTV; a 24/7 digital multicast, multicultural arts, entertainment and lifestyle channel that offers traditional and alternative programs for viewers mainly between the ages of 16-75, with a mix of classic films, off-network series, original programming, and more.
We are predominantly online streaming platform, which mainly features African and African-American content in various forms, which includes: Movies, TV program, Internet radio Broadcast and Print/Online Magazine.

SRTV Talent EXPO is an international networking events designed to scout and empower talents in Nigeria, whilst rewarding, celebrating and honouring those who have contributed to the growth of the Nigeria creative industry.
This show is aimed to move Talent discovery in Nigeria out of the polite drawing rooms into the clamour of the streets. Nigerians of all ages will be provided with the right tools to showcase their talent
We aim to develop a balanced, fair and transparent awards/talent hunt platform that will celebrate stand-out talents & celebrities, whilst providing a once in a life time opportunity for promising talents to emerge and excel!
We are on a mission of awarding credence & excellence to those that really earn it, and providing life changing opportunities to talents that deserve it!
Our goal is to bring Nollywood Talents (Home and Away) together to share knowledge, skills, experiences and contacts
Our programme demonstrates the things we all can do, to positively contribute to our viable creative industry.
SRTV Talents EXPO is an annual star studded top-notch recognition awards/talent hunt brand that is purpose-built on celebrating, showcasing, projecting and promoting stand-out individuals, celebrities, talents, investors, media personalities/brands and all relevant stakeholders within the Nigerian, African and The Global Entertainment industry.
Our three days exciting live event is packed with fim screening, entertainment and awards presentation experience that is well structured to serve as a market place where talents are recognized, groomed and projected
Highlights of the 3Days Glamorous ‘first and only of its kind’ award/talents hunt event features top notch Nollywood filmmakers, music, dance, comedy performance by top-notch and promising celebrities & talents.
SRTV Talent EXPO is design to provide bespoke channels & opportunities for Sponsors, Partners, Investors, Brands to emotionally and physically connect with their local & international direct target audience.
‘’SRTV Talent EXPO” is a global brand created to operate in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world and it is essentially made up of:
1. SRTV Moonlight Film Festival
2. SRTV Talent Hunts
3. SRTV Talent Awards

It can be said that one of the remarkabe successes of Nigeria in her 60 years of existence is Nollywood, as it is not only contributing to the GDP of Nigeria but has helped to project Nigeria image positivey, and also put Nigeria on the map among committees of nations. This was made possible by the innovations and creativities of individuals we call filmmakers. They are the hub that drives the industry. This is currenty not happening in Nigeria alone by around the world. Nigerians in the UK, USA and in other parts of the word has joined suit by putting resources together to make films which relates to their experiences and their homeland
With that in mind, SRTV has designed this inclusive events, putting together selected Nollywood filmmakers (home and away) to come together; celebrate, network and do business.
We also let Africa be Africa; film screenings will happen under the moonlight in an open settings.
2020 edition will screen films from selected distinguished Nollywood filmmakers from the United State, United Kingdom and in Nigeria at the beautiful Honeyland Resort, Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

SRTV Talent EXPO’s mission is to empower talents across boards. We recognize and appreciate those behind the scenes without whom this industry will not exist. So we have extended Awards to Breakthrough Directors, Producers, Actors, and key crew personals like Editors, Cinematographers, Make Up Artistes, Costume Designers, Script writers and Musical artiste .



We have aso created a stepping stones to the industry by creating a Talent hunt where upcoming talents coud be discovered.

This event involves 4 main stages, which also have segments on which the event will unfold.

Registration is on-going @



Winner will go home with various rewards ranging from cash prizes, certificate and SRTV Plaque

The last day of the event will also be an award-giving day where outstanding men and women in various aspects, who have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the industry will be recognized alongside with our celebrated filmmakers, honoured talents, our breakthrough winners and the winners of SRTV Talent Hunt.

This is a non stop three days events as creative DJs will be there to spice the event with music.

Our long-term goal is to build a reputable brand known for empowering talents and exploring their crucial roles in national development.
The show will be live on many national radio and televisions, and also live on Youtube and Facebook streams. It will hit the airwaves every year.

SRTV Moonight Film Festival is an integral part of SRTV Talent EXPO, an initiative designed to serve as a market place where talents are recognized, groomed and projected
It is meant to celebrate Nollywood fims and filmmakers.
Our Moonight Fim Festival is unique as it is set to screen our films in the open air, under the moonight. Instead of the Western Pop Corn and Coca Cola we will have the opportunity to enjoy pepper soup and other African deicacies as we watch our fims