Environment and Other Important Issues Addressed on The African Factor

Environment and other important issues Addressed on The African Factor ahead of the British BREXIT election on SRTV

Awula Serwah and G;enroy Watson were the special guests

Awula Serwah is a Ghanaian born barrister. She is a Brent Community Champion, and Founder of BTWSC a pan London community organisation which raises aspirations and achievement. She co-published African Voices; Quotations by people of African Descent in 2010. She also founded Taking A Stand Against Littering and Fly-tipping.  She is the Secretary of Africans For, and the Co-ordinator of Eco-Conscious Citizens which is currently campaigning to stop the building of a multi-storey office complex on land belonging to Parks and Gardens in Accra, Ghana, and  to preserve parks and open spaces for the green economy.  She believes that we live in a global world and local action has global consequences.


Glenroy Watson is a Pan Afrikan Trade Unionist, former President of the RMT’s London Transport Regional Council the largest region of RMT members in the union and also General Secretary of  Global Afrikan Congress (GAC) UK chapter (GACuk) and one of the founder members of GAC in Barbados in 2002.  He is an active Community Activist and sits on the Board of IDPAD Coalition UK, an organisation set up to ensure that the UK marks the UN International Decade for People of African Descent in a meaningful way. Whether it is the injustice suffered by Afrikans in Diego Garcia or deaths in the Mediterranean or the situation in South Sudan or Libya, Glenroy works with others to raise awareness of issues and campaign for Justice. He is active in the Reparations movement and organises the Annual  Lobby of Parliament in June every year as well as facilitates involvement in the Annual Reparations March on the 1st of Mosiah (1st August)


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