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Nollywood actor Onyinyechi Odimegwu, also known as De Laposh, was involved in a car accident on Easter Sunday when he claimed to have collided with a car while trying to avoid it. his Hundai Suvinsa was completely destroyed, including other vehicles, but God saved his and others ’lives.

I’m here, now everything is on fire, Fulani people should be prevented from traveling to Nigeria on the motorway. The government intervened to brutally evacuate the shepherds of Peul in the suicidal forest and on the roads with their cattle herds. According to Doris, God did it again in nollywood because he left the life of the best man “Onyi Odimegwu” and we are grateful to Almighty God.


This event is indeed the reason why Onyi is not in a good position at the Appleyard media reception on Monday when he was announced as one of the representatives of Nollywood who spoke at the event, Onyi shouted that he lost one of the best moments of the year and we thank Almighty God for his life and he realized he was now at home with her boyfriend.

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