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Via our website which is currently enjoying over 10,000 visitors per hour worldwide, we broadcast exclusive Television and Radio content to the world. Our content are produced within dedicated and professional environment with the same flair and commitment to quality be it studio based or live broadcast. We also enjoy longstanding relationship with producers and artistes who contribute programmes. We broadcast live at

SRTV has in-house team of directors, producers, cameramen, writers, animators, graphic designers, editors, researchers, presenters and radio experts among who are Christian Ashaiku, Solomon Garcia, Michelle Olusamokun, Olaronke Apampa, Wil Johnson, Chief Williams Makinde. With a wealth of in-house expertise SRTV is a able to offer a wide range of high quality productions tailored to meet your requirements with the opportunity to broadcast on SRTV website and on our partner stations which include AIT International, OHtv-UK, Ben TV (UK), BBC (UK) ALJAZEERA-(DUBAI) Sahara Reporters (USA), PANA TV, critical blogs and many more. Also, with our experiences and connection we assist in many ways in International Co-production especially between Africa, Europe and USA

SRTV aims to move the advertisement of goods and services from the polite drawing room into the clamour of the street by making advertisement assessable and affordable to many. We currently produce and broadcast adverts for individuals, businesses and organization at an affordable prices.

It is our key objective to provide opportunities for new and established talent both in Africa, USA and Europe. Accordingly, we are effortlessly commissioning films and other TV ideas for production, exhibition and distribution.

SRTV expert services are also available to upcoming and established artistes and producers. We put quality ahead of pay.

With the establishment of cinemas in Nigeria and the rest of Africa, Nollywood films and other Black films now enjoy cinema releases. Along with DVD releases, SRTV through its distribution and Exhibition arms now embarks on the theatrical releases of quality films across Africa. We are also the only Itune distributor of Nollywood films and other black films.
We plan and co-ordinate annual film festivals that showcase the work of black filmmakers around the world. The films are screened in Lagos, Nigeria and London, UK.

We believe “rewarding good practices is a seed for more”. Accordingly, SRTV encourages more people to use their time and effort to contribute to humanity by recognizing them in our Awards. Hence, once a year SRTV recognizes a selection of individuals and organizations that have gone out of their ways to touch people’s lives positively. They are called SRTV Heroes. We profile our heroes (SRTV Heroes) in a highly professional and innovative manner. Our key approach is to create a forty to sixty minutes documentary which explores important aspects and actions of our heroes.

In certain conditions, we offer PR services to clients. SRTV utilizes its team of in-house specialist’s, its industry experiences, contacts and our overall establishment to propagate the cause


SRTV has over the years acquired production equipment and studios in the UK and Nigeria. We have a range of cameras, lights and sound recording devices. We also have a studio based editing facilities in London where editing of films, music videos, TV promo and adverts can be done at an affordable prices and in a very friendly atmosphere.

SRTV offers a range of short courses in the film and television industry often in the forms of Seminars and Workshops.
Courses available include: Camera, Light, Action, Scriptwriting, Editing, Producing and presenting. Please email for more information.
All courses are certified by relevant bodies.

Nigeria and the African continent in general are blessed with talent. However, there is always the challenge of discovering these pools of talent because there is no existing data base for talent in the continent. This has led to missed opportunities and frustration. The same way Producers cannot reach their desired talents; there are no platforms for talents to exhibit themselves. SRTV Talent is a dedicated media industry social community site for those in or trying to break into the industry whether you are actors, dancers, models and musicians, presenter. This site allows you to exhibit yourself and your work, build relationships and keep up to date with latest’s industry news on a global platform.

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