The African Factor Kicks Off Today on SRTV

At 2:00PM on Saturday 9th November 2019, SRTV will be broadcasting the Maiden edition of its new TV show “The African Factor” ahead of the December elections. The show offers opportunity to discuss the issues which should influence choices at the ballot box. In this first edition of “The African Factor”, the discussion will examine whether these elections are about Austerity or Brexit, or both?!

It will be a live show streaming from SRTV Studio London to SRTV YouTube and spread across all Social media . The Audience has the opportunity to Phone-in 07459 799 705

The core aim is to encourage African people to go out and vote… By African, we mean anyone of African Heritage whether from the Continent or the Diaspora

Our votes can and will make a difference…

“The African Factor” will consist of a panel discussion on the vote of People of African Descent… historically, People of African Descent have voted in a particular way, what is today’s reality? What way should our Community be voting? What is in our interests?


Host: Past Mayor of Harrow Nana ASANTE

Nana is a passionate Community Activist with over 20 years experience supporting the Voluntary and Community Sector. She is Secretary of IDPAD Coalition UK which is working to ensure that the UN International Decade for People of African Descent is meaningfully marked. She is keen on African History and welcomes the mainstreaming of hidden narratives of African contributions. Nana supports the Empowerment of Women by any means necessary. She currently chairs Africans for Jeremy Corbyn Values and is a Fairtrade Campaigner. A Labour Councillor from 2002 – 2013 in Harrow, Nana was Mayor of Harrow from 2013 – 2014. She is a member of Unite the Union, a Fellowship Group Leader and Chaplain of First Stanmore Girls Brigade. She has 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Her guests Dr Marlene Ellis and Kwaku will help us examine the statement:




Our votes can and will make a difference

Dr Marlene Ellis is a doctor in education and has researched the experiences of Black students in further education / Community colleges. She currently teaching Education and Leadership at Exeter University. She sits on the Steering Group of Comprehensive Future which challenges the legitimacy of the eleven-plus. A Community Activist and founder of Momentum Black ConneXions, she held a Brexit debate in 2016 to clarify the pros and cons of Brexit for our Community. She co chairs IDPAD Coalition UK (International Decade for People of African Descent 2015 – 2024). This is a UN initiative with three domains in Recognition, Justice and Development. She is currently working on a project Documenting Afriphobia, Structural and Institutional Racism. She is often called upon to comment on Social and Political issues by the BBC.



Kwaku is a History and Music Industry Consultant. He’s an occasional journalist and delivers programmes on African British History, Black Music, Music Industry, Politics and Community Engagement. He holds anLLM in Entertainment Law, Media and Music Industry MAs, and has published a number of books: ‘African Voices: Quotations by People of African Descent’ co-edited with Awula Serwah, ‘NARM (Naming and Role Model): highlighting African British Male Role Models 1907 – 2007’; ‘Look How Far We’ve Come: The Race/Racism Primer’ (2014). Upcoming publications include ‘The Windrush Papers’ and ‘Look How Far We’ve Come: Disrupting African British History Narratives?’





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