“The Christmas Gift Movie”: …from a Scarry, To A Merry Christmas.

It sounds contrived, and it is. It sounds like a bit of a miracle, and it is that too… Producer Rhoda Wilson, who doubles as the director, and whose soft touch with Documentary Films was behind “The Housewives and Girlfriends” TV Series which was the first Nollywood-UK production to run on M-Net’s Africa Magic and also first to be nominated at the UK’s prestigious BEFFTA awards, is now responsible for the quintessential movie – “The Christmas Gift”.

The Movie set to be premiered in the coming weeks feautures Multi-talented casts such as Gideon Okusanya, Eliza Okusanya, Princess Abiye Okusanya, Cordelia Emeh, Odi Emeh, Kemi Paton Balogun and Tinuke Paton Balogun who are lead cast in the much anticipated Christmas movie.

Eliza Okusanya played the lead in the character of Alice, supported by equally talented Gideon Okusanya who played the character Akin, while their mother Princess Abiye Okusanya played Mother Teresa, which could be drawn from the good works of the world Mother Teresa.Yes, it will be fair to say that this is a showcase of the Okusanya, and they all bring the character to real life. Other cast of the movie include, Cordelia Emeh, who played social worker, Odi Emeh played the character Amaka, Tinuke Paton Balogun played Ella,while kemi Paton Balogun played Tola.

The movie depicts the miraclelouse turn around of events in the life of some abandoned children, housed and catered for by kind-hearted individual, Mother Teresa.

Having little knowledge of the population of children needing help in the UK, Princess Abiye “Mother Teresa”, in a bid to salvage the lives of frustrated kids signed on to foster over the Christmas holiday with Akin, Tola, Amaka and Ella coming under her care.
Gideon Okusanya and kemi Paton Balogun who played the role of Akin and Tola respectively as siblings, arrived from a troubled home. While Ella was saved from a shipping container by police after being abbandoned before being brought to Teresa’s door. Nigerian-born Amaka storms into their lives, a child of wealth newly orphaned and abrasive. As Teresa and her daughter Alice try to make the foster children feel at home, it seems that the spirits of Christmas have other plans.

“The Christmas Gift” is a movie that has balanced all its features to make a great movie. All the characters fit their roles and make the plot come to life. The movie narrates real things that happen to kids during Christmas, and as well with myriads of lessons for parents to learn from. The costumes and the soundtracks are a plus as they enhance the emotions and feelings of every story line. The Christmas Gift is, therefore, a movie worth watching.

“The Christmas Gift” have called on movie fans to attend the premiere of the movie set for 24th of November at Odeon Cinema Surrey Quays Redriff Road London.

There will be free ticket give away for every child accompanied by an adult, so parents must not leave their kids at home.

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