The Nigeria Export Promotion Council NEPC Launches the Nigerian Diaspora Export Program

As a council and organization we develop and promote non-oil export products from Nigeria. We do this by engaging stakeholders, partners locally and internationally. We work through the value chain of each of the products to ensure quality standards and high production capacity.


Nigeria produces loads of non-oil products but unfortunately most of them are not accepted internationally mainly because of the issue of standards, so we are working with certification agencies to ensure standards back in Nigeria and strategic partners internationally to ensure Nigerian products have easy access into the international market.


We are officially here at the London Africa Food Week to partner with them again to raise awareness and ensure we have market access to Nigerian products; Nigerian cuisine which is one of our strength.



Nigeria Export Promotion Council NEPC has a project called the Nigerian Diaspora Export Program where we are currently bouncing ideas with Nigerians and Africans in general. It is a three-part project, which consists of the Nigeria Heritage City; this will be everything Nigeria, our cultures, what we do and how we do it, everything from Languages to fashion. Another part of the program is Nigerian Cuisine beyond borders where there will be display of authentic Nigeria food. So far, we have standardized over 20 different menus and we are hoping to do more. And then we have the Nigeria Diaspora Export.


Of course they are people doing pieces here and there at the moment but we are looking at a structure. With the Nigeria Heritage City, people will get standardized and well-structured activities, products and projects. We are hoping this will raise the standard and attract Nigerians and friends of Nigerians/Africans to what we do best.


In the International Map, there are no shortages of Nigeria products, we are trying to see that we start from the beginning to ensure quality standard, good manufacturing practices so that our products will have easy access to world market and once that is in place, we will be able to build capacity and build the production because we have the population and the resources.

I love the people I have met here. I love the energies in the rooms. I love the fact that everybody is coming on board. Our strength is our numbers and we need to tap on it. Anything we push together, the sky is our limit.


Our message to Nigerian worldwide is Government is behind you. Government wants to work with you to get market access to Nigerian products.



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