There was an African Queen NZINGA, which fascinated me, and there is a river in Africa called NZINGA.

There was an African Queen NZINGA, which fascinated me, and there is a river in Africa called NZINGA…


I was born in 1961, I meet my partner 35 years ago I have one son who is 31.

I have been doing the water since June 2019; I have been an entrepreneur since I was 15

I have worked for my self in the food & drinks sector and have developed, Beer, Ice Cream and Jerk seasoning, which was made in Jamaica to give it an authenticity.  I also had help from the Jamaican Embassy who gave it its seal of approval by a personnel letter.

My ice creams have won the 3 times.  I pitched the idea to a Black business event, run by Ms Angela Clark, in Coventry.  I was given the opportunity, as I wanted to share with others who had no chance of doing something like this.

We started with 15 people and ended up with 4 of us.  I wanted them to use their skills set as

I believe everyone has a skill, you just have to find it.

As to the water, there is a gap in the market for Black British water, which can compete with the premium brands.

I needed a name, which our community would know it was made for them, however it must be able to sit along side any water and not look out of place. As to the name,

I draw on Africa as this is we lived before we were taken.  Also there was a Queen NZINGA, which fascinated me, and there is a river in Africa as well called NZINGA.

As I have been in this game along time I always tell people to build up your contacts, go meet them at trade shows, seek out companies who need more business who will listen to you.

First thing, a lot of people will not believe you have the skills, as we have no representation as to decisions making.  No one will be looking for us so you have to have a long-term plan. As to skills, I was part of a team, which made around 500 meals a day for the meals on wheels, this was for the elders. I worked for Tesco as a skilled baker, I worked for Waitrose, Sainsburys, Kwik Save, and a host of others, this taught me customer service and the food chain.

I help around about 20 people a year with advice and showing them the evidence to help them at no cost, saving them time and money.

People who want my ideas but are unwilling to pay for it.  Also those who do not want to share or who do not give back.

We do not have good access to the buyers in the supermarket, if you are a Black British brand as our people want to see us know.  Look at the NO Meat eaters how large this sector has grown, in Africa and the Caribbean meat is expensive so we have been part Vegetarians for long time well before Vegan turned up.

Email me with your Idea so it can be tested, as I had no one to test my ideas on as I was growing up.

My father, as he alone raised me, as there was no mother.  I believe I was 5 when I went to live with him in a single rented room a man looking after his child.


Helping others at no cost, as time is money, and I put a lot of time into helping Black British people start-up and existing business.


I love taking photos, my football team is Tottenham Hotspurs, I like researching space travel and the equipment needed to take man/woman into space.

I like forming my own views and debating it with others.

I am big on cocktails and champagne. I like to take my partner out to different places that are up and coming for food and drinks.  The old places are the best, there is a cocktail bar in London it is inside   it is called the Fumoir and it costs the earth!!!!  Its all about the rich & famous who have had a drink there.   I am going to try the RITZ cocktail bar in December this year, who will join me for a day out? Eating and drinking!!!!!


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