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Welcome to Srtv film Academy where creativity meets technical expertise. Whether you’re a budding filmmaker or an aspiring actor, our comprehensive programs will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of film production and journalism. Join us on this exciting journey to embracing your dreams as reality.

Why Choose Our Film School?

Experienced Faculty:

Learn from industry professionals who have a share. Our passionate instructors will guide you every step of the way.

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Our curriculum covers all aspects of filmmaking, from scriptwriting and pre-production to cinematography, directing, editing, and post-production. Get a holistic understanding of the filmmaking process.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Gain hands-on experience using cutting-edge equipment and facilities. Our studio, editing suites, screening rooms, and soundstage provide an immersive learning environment.

Industry Connections:

Benefit from our strong network of industry connections. We regularly invite guest speakers, organize workshops, and facilitate internships to help you establish valuable contacts and gain practical experience.

Programs Offered:

Film Acting

Discover the actor within you. Our acting program combines theory and practice to develop your skills in characterization, improvisation, voice modulation, and more. Gain confidence on stage and screen as you learn from seasoned professionals and explore different acting methods.


Unleash your creativity in the editing room. Our editing course teaches you the technical skills and artistic techniques needed to transform raw footage into a compelling story. Learn industry-standard software and enhance your editing skills to stand out in the competitive field.


Learn the ins and outs of film production budgeting and scheduling to location scouting and post-production, our experienced instructors will guide you through every step of the production process. Gain hands-on experience and turn ideas into reality.


Transform faces and create unforgettable characters with our makeup course. Learn the techniques used in film and television, from basic beauty makeup to special effects.

Social Media Management

Master the art of digital marketing with our social media management course. Learn how to create engaging content, build a strong online presence, and utilize various platforms to promote yourself or your projects. Stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry.


Master the art of capturing stunning visuals with our comprehensive cinematography course. Learn about camera techniques, lighting, composition, and more from industry experts. Develop your unique style and make your mark in the world of cinematography.


Take the helm and bring your vision to life. Our directing course empowers you with the knowledge and techniques required to guide a production from start to finish. Learn about script analysis, blocking, working with actors, and the intricacies of visual storytelling.

Script Writing

Explore the art of storytelling through our script writing course. Master the fundamentals of screenplay structure, character development, dialogue writing, and more. Receive personalized feedback on your work and hone your skills in creating captivating narratives.

Media Training Program

Our experienced instructors will teach you how to sharpen your on-camera presence and communication skills with our presenting course. Whether you aim to host a show or become a presenter, our program covers everything from script delivery and body language to connecting with your audience. Build confidence and make an impact.


Srtv Talent Management

Maximize your potential with the support of Srtv Talent Management. As part of our academy, gain access to professional opportunities, auditions, and network with industry insiders. Let us guide your career and open doors to success.

Enroll Today!

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