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Nigeria week is a week-long international festival scheduled to take place from the 22nd to the 28th of May 2022 in Southeast London, Unites Kingdom.

The festival showcases and promotes the best of Nigerian Products, Services and Businesses whilst celebrate the best of the Nigerian diverse and rich cultural heritage ( films, Nollywood and music Afrobeat) as well as the traditions of various ethnic groups in Nigeria.

The festival is organized by SRTV London in partnership with the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Federal Ministry of Trade and Invesent and various Nigerian and British Organizations and Parastatals

It is an International festival featuring a mixture of entertainment, music, dances, fashion, food , exhibition, trade Fair, investment opportunity workshops and comic, allowing visitors to join in and have a first hand experience in culture and experiences

Our program of activities include
1. Music extravaganza ( Afro Beat Musicians)

2. Moonlight Film Festival ( Exhibition of the best of African movies in the park)

3. Nigeria Fashion show and Contest)

4. Nigeria Cultural Display ( Hosting the Africa National Troupes)

5. Trade Exhibition (Nigerian Cash Crops and Agricultural Produce)

The event will host live music, cultural dances, comedy, arts and crafts, as well as stalls of Nigerian products and services for the visitors to explore


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