About Us



SRTV SUPERIOR MAGAZINE is a monthly print and online magazine published by SRTV Media Group Limited, create exclusive innovative content to global audience

We provide an affordable platform for individual and organization who cannot afford mainstream advertisement

Through our sophisticated publication, readers have an exclusive insights into what is trending, allowing people to learn, unlearn and relearn lifestyle, business practices and opportunities and politics in the UK and the at large.

Our Aims is to create a global brand to operate in the UK and rest of the world

Our Mission is to focus on individuals and organizations, unveiling the people behind great brands (businesses and organizations), showcasing established and upcoming talents and others in the news

Following the seasons latest nuances, fresh and engaging features, captivating interviews and interesting advertorials all geared toward creating maximum exposure for our valued clients to the broad base of target audience.

SRTV SUPERIOR MAGNINE: represents and unexploited property clearly of any European involvement we provide a unique opportunity for individuals and organization to be involved in forward thinking initiative, a first of its kind in the united kingdom.

Our partners and participants are able to harness a rare opportunity to position themselves as truly global as publications are able to influence lifestyles, business modules and policies at the different level of the nation’s government.

More so our partners and participants are to top into the unlimited opportunities offered by our well designed product placement in our the publications which promises to reach a far and wider audience like never before in the history of European Magazines


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