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SRTV is a 24/7 digital multicast, multicultural arts, entertainment and lifestyle channel that offers traditional and alternative programs for viewers mainly between the ages of 16-75, with a mix of classic films, off-network series, original programming, and more. We are predominantly online streaming platform, which mainly features African and African-American content in various forms, which includes: Movies, TV program, Internet radio Broadcast and Print/Online Magazine

The mission of this innovative, life-changing network is to provide intelligent programming that is informative, educational, entertaining, inspiring, and empowering for its audience. This audience is universal in its appeal as we feature Personal Development& Performance, Cultural History, Life Hacks, Health & Wellness, Documentaries, Travel and World Issues.

We are a One World TV network with head office is in London (United Kingdom), we are kicking off with start up partners in Lagos, Nigeria, Antigua and Barbuda, and in California, United States of America. Plans are on-going for the establishment of studios and crew in more Black/African countries for the effective and meaningful productions and distributions of our content.

Our fully developed website superiorradioandtelevision.com is a cross- media platform, broadcasting an electric mix feature films, documentaries, entertainment shows, current affairs short films and music, live streaming of radio and tv shows to a global audience



We pride ourself with authoritative reporting, researched and analytical feature, strong and semantical wordings, creative profiling, online publishing on our website and social media and partners platforms, magazine print publishing, live coverage and video editingnof events and very solid editorial tone

Founded in 1996, SRTV Magazine was created from SRTV shows to further give our readers a more befitting experiences. With our bespoke content, we draw on catalogue of events content, interviews and reviews

Live Streaming

P r o d u c t s a n d S e r v i c e s

We offer a range of products and Services

SRTV Magazine

Through our sophisticated publications, we provide exclusive insights into what is trending, allowing people to learn, unlearn and relearn lifestyle, business practices and opportunities and politics around them

SRTV Broadcast

Our World TV online television channel streams feature films, documentaries, entertainment shows, current affairs short films and music, live to a global audience, 24hrs a day 7 days a week. The Company will commission films and other TV ideas for production, exhibition and distribution.

SRTV Productions

will also develop and produce original content such as entertainment shows, soaps operas and documentary series for the purpose of broadcast on superiorradioandtelevision.com & sales/distribution to network and cable channels across the world including but not limited to Africa, Caribbean and UK.

The Company has access to freelance team of directors, producers, cameramen, writers, animators, graphic designers, editors, researchers, and presenters. With the wealth of expertise we are able to offer a wide range of high quality productions tailored to meet any requirements including but not limited to

Studio and Equipment Rental/Editing

The Company has over the years acquired production equipment and studios in the UK and Nigeria. We have a range of cameras, lights and sound recording devices. We also have a studio and studio based editing facilities in London & Lagos where editing of films, music videos, TV promo and adverts can be done at an affordable prices and in a very friendly atmosphere

SRTV Talent

SRTV Talent is a dedicated media industry social community site for those in or trying to break into the industry whether you are actors, dancers, models and musicians, presenter. This site allows users to exhibit themselves and their work, build relationships and keep up to date with latest’s industry news on a global platform.

SRTV Radio

SRTV Radio is a radio station for both a local and global audience. It has been set up to provide live streaming of exclusive contents. It is also comprehensive training in Radio production & partnership with established radio station in strategic countries for the purposes of audience development and wider reach


The Next President is a Reality TV Show embodied in an intellectual cognitive contest.In the quest to become the ‘Next President of Nigeria’, young Nigerians will compete intellectually on issues of importance relating to the needs of the citizens, growth and development of the Nation.

The Next President is centred on Youth Participation in Politics. This medium will therefore be a springboard, a great grooming platform and foundation for our future leaders.




Miss intelligence is a unique reality pageantry embodied in an intellectual cognitive contest.

Unlike conventional pageantry, which restricted the beauty of women to looks and sizes, this show will showcase women of sizes and shapes.

It is primarily aimed to empower women and explore in detail the importance of the roles of women in modern societies, which include but not restricted to their beauty

Therefore, in the quest to become the most intelligent lady in Nigeria, ladies aged 16-30 year of age will compete intellectually on issues of importance relating to the needs of the citizens, growth and development of the people/nation and also provide working strategies on how these issues can be resolved.