June 23, 2024

Service Delivery and People Oriented Stewardship


Service Delivery and People Oriented Stewardship.

Borno State Governor, Professor. Engineer. Babagana Umara Zulum (CON) was born on the 25th of August 1969 in Zulum village of Mafa L.G.A Borno State.

He’s a qualified professor and a seasoned politician. Prof. Zulum has served as Governor of Borno State since 2019 under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

A position he has used in discharging his duties effectively and ensuring that the dividence of democracy is felt across board.

The governor has always outlined his vision for Borno State as well as repositioning the state on the path of development, provision of infrastructural, establishment of civil authorities and revitalise trade and commerce amid security.

Moreso provision of mechanism for the people of Borno State to have independent means and livelihood.

Governor Zulum is a man of integrity and have great vision for his people. As a Governor he has completed and commissioned numerous projects for service deliveries in the health care sector which includes newly 26 primary health care centres and massive investments in all state owned Health Facilities. His Excellency had mandated and supervised the distribution of medicine with eight hundred million naira to General Hospitals to enhance their operations.

Education is the perfect means by which individuals and by large society can gain genuine transformation, In this respect Governor Zulum has set a bar that will be hard for others to surpass. He has built many schools and rehabilitated over 39 primary and secondary schools, ensuring that schools are properly staffed and maintaining the infrastructure of all schools in the state.

Some of the schools to be commissioned by Governor Zulum includes, newly established Mega size government day technical secondary school, with 30 classrooms, another government day secondary school with 20 classrooms, a community secondary school with 20 classrooms, a primary school with 20 classrooms amongst others.

Prof. Zulum also commissioned three municipal buildings, comprising two police stations, and a government lodge as well as shopping complex which has added to the quality of life in the state and all this projects are geared towards improving the living condition of Borno residents.

Security is one of the huge challenges of our time and in the pursuit of peace and security, the Governor procured 50 new operational vehicles for security agencies in the state and it is quite easy to understand why peace has returned to the state since resumption of his administration.

Governor Zulum prioritized prompt payment of salaries and made provision for 55 buses for civil servants and this has made the civil service more attractive and productive, perhaps this explains the good rapport between the civil servants and his administration.

Another amazing project of Prof. Zulum is the 2.1 million planting tree-seedlings to fight desertification and environmental degradation in the state. According to him, “desertification, which moves at about 600 metres yearly if not addressed will lead to chaos and more unrest”.

This gave him a special recommendation by the UN as an advocate to climate change.

Unlike in Most cases where newly elected governors spend three to four months in office for familiarisation and hands shaking, Governor Zulum came prepared; he swaged into action and convened security meetings with the military, traditional rulers, permanent secretary, labour leaders and other stake holders.

Discipline, it was leadership by example for Prof. Zulum as he showed up, 8am, at the State Secretariat in Maiduguri. The governor was there in response to lateness and absenteeism by thousands of workers.

Also in an attempt to eradicate ghost workers Gov. Zulum toured 27 Local Government of the state, inspecting and sanitizing the administrative infrastructure of the local governments in the state.

As good Muslim and the father of the state Gov. Zulum always spend his Sallah with the internally displaced persons and made special donations of food items, the governor also maintained a close working relationship with JTF and hunters fighting boko haram increasing their monthly allowances.

Governor Zulum is a man of few words whose action of stewardship is evidence in every sector of Borno State.

Service Delivery and People Oriented Stewardship