June 23, 2024


SRTV is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated show “The Next President Reality Show,” set to commence tomorrow, 10th December, 2023. The show will run until 17th December, 2023, showcasing the vibrant and diverse contestants representing all 36 states of Nigeria, including the Federal Capital Territory.

This will be happening live in the Federal Capital Territory. With an aim to empower Nigerian youth, each candidate/ governor has successfully qualified for the final stage, vying for the prestigious title of the Youth President. This groundbreaking reality show promises to provide a platform for brilliant young minds, poised to bring about positive change within our great nation.

The show’s judging panel comprises esteemed individuals who have dedicated their lives to activism and social change. At the helm is Mr. Emmanuel Bello, the respected national president of Anchor Minds, a leading organization known for its commitment to uplifting leadership in the Nigerian society. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Mr. Emmanuel Bello will guide the contestants and ensure that their ideas are thoroughly scrutinized.


The contestants are tasked with presenting their manifestos, engaging in thought-provoking debates, and tackling the pressing issues that affect all aspects of our nation. They will dive into topics ranging from governance and education to healthcare and infrastructure. This unique approach will allow them to explore comprehensive solutions that will positively impact every aspect of Nigerian society.

We are equally excited to announce that the award night for “The Next President Reality Show” will take place on December 17th, 2023.  The winner will not only receive a generous cash prize of five hundred thousand naira. but also a scholarship from our esteemed partners. Additionally, they will enjoy numerous unlimited advantages that come hand in hand with this prestigious accolade. In our unwavering commitment to uplifting and encouraging the ideals of effective governance, SRTV will also be acknowledging and bestowing leadership awards upon exceptional leaders in Nigeria who have left an indelible mark in the sphere of politics and leadership within our beloved nation, Nigeria.

We invite all Nigerians to tune in and support these remarkable candidates as they embark on this incredible journey towards youth leadership. Don’t miss out on the thrilling start of “The Next President Reality Show” tomorrow, 10th, December, 2023. Only on SRTV’s YouTube channel. “The Next President Reality Show” is not only an exciting entertainment endeavor but also a significant step towards fostering youth engagement and political awareness in our society. Through this unique platform, SRTV aims to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, highlighting the importance of their voices in shaping the future of Nigeria. Stay tuned. Thank you.

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