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Stimulating The Clitoris by Dinky

Often times, men throws away the importance of clitoral stimulation and believes vaginal penetration is the key to make a woman have an enjoyable sex….. Whew,its not clitoral stimulation is the power house of the female orgasm. This video gives into details on how to stimulate the clitoris and illustrated some sex positions to engage in to get the result of clitoral stimulation that will result in good sex/love making. Based on request/demand this video is carefully and 100% detailed. Enjoy and have a pleasurable sex life.

SWEET MOTHER “Madam Comfort Idiabanna” 80th Birthday, Celebrated in a Grand Style


It was celebration Galore as Madam Comfort Idiabanna marks her 80th birthday in grand style. The venue was jam packed as her children, grandchildren, families, friends, dignitaries from far and near and those she has imparted positively came together in East London to celebrate her 80th birthday with her.

While speaking, her pastor decries that Madam Comfort Idiabanna is an example of a life well spend stressing that she love people and makes sacrifices for others even when it is not convenient and has no regret as tributes and gifts poured from different corners.

Madam Comfort Idiabanna, thanked God Almighty for his mercies over her life and providing for her and her family all these years, she also expressed her gratitude to her children for the wisdom, understanding for putting up the wonderful occasion for her


We wish you many returns

Happy married life to Mr and Mrs Babatunde Okewo

Marriage could be defined as a union between a man and a woman who are truly in love! This was the case at Prince and Princess Wedding Gallery in Edmonton, North London when Miss Oluwatosin Adekunle took vows with Mr. Babatunde Okewo

The festivity was unique as both families show supports and joy



DANCE!             DANCE!!             DANCE!!!