June 23, 2024
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Daddy Kris Hosts Prof. Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jr., a Reputable Man in the Society, a Scholar and a Political Critic.

The Town Hall meeting kicked off with Daddy Kris, asking Prof Chris of his projection for the 2023 elections, what are the possible outcomes and thought process of the average Nigerian.

Prof. Chris critically evaluated the top political parties and their candidates and admitted that he believes that the ballot belongs to Peter Obi because of how he stands out amongst the other candidates.

To Prof Chris, Nigerians are tired of the present administration and the ongoing plight the ordinary Nigerian face, he stated that Nigerians are on a revolution, a revolution he calls “The-Peaceful-Ballo-Box-Revolution” a movement requesting for better Nigeria and they believe that Peter Obi can get them the Nigeria they deserve.

Prof Chris reiterated the fact that the sufferings of Nigerians has affected all, to him unemployment, hunger knows no tribe and as such, Nigerians have decided to take back their Nation.

Moving further to talk about Peter Obi’s Manifesto, Prof Chris stated that Peter Obi intends to move the country’s economy from consumption economy to production economy, an economy that focuses on production of goods and services and less dependence on oil and gas. He further stated that Obi demands a legal framework in the constitution where everything is done by law.

On insecurity, Prof Chris highlighted that Peter Obi has always stated that insurgency in Nigeria can only be fought from all angle, he believes that security agencies are not adequately supported by the executive, judicial and legislative arm of government to effectively wipe out terrorism, he also believes that crime rate is high because people are not gainfully employed, as Nigeria’s CEO, one of the agenda of Peter Obi is to promote and ensure employment amongst Nigerian youths, to Prof. Chris, when youths are gainfully employed, they will have little or no need or time to go into crime, he backed with his words with q quote ‘The Society prepares the Crime, the Criminal Commits it’.

A Society that is dysfunctional, poverty and hunger is prevalent as a result of lack of effective leadership will have a higher crime rate.

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