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February 22, 2024
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SRTV LONDON Launches Town-Hall Meetings

The 2023 General Election is around the corner with tongues wagging as to who will take over the mantle of Leadership at various levels of governance in Nigeria. There have been disputes, controversies and different thought processes, all set to set the podium for a healthy competition amongst various parties and candidates.

It is on this notion that SRTV London in partnership with individuals, various platforms and organizations has come up with TOWN HALL MEETINGS; an avenue to host aspirants, party representative (s) and/or supporter (s) live (virtually).

The Importance of the Town Hall Meeting cannot be far fetched as:

  1. It will help foster unity and healthy competition amongst flag bearers, political parties and party members.
  2. It will help parties to educate and inform Nigerians
  3. It will be a platform to listen to the cries and woes of the average Nigerian.
  4. It will build true sportsmanship amongst parties flag-bearers 

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